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The Book of Colossians was written explicitly to defeat the heresy that had arisen in Colosse, which endangered the existence of the church. While we do not know what was told to Paul, this letter is his response.

We can surmise based on Paul's response that he was dealing with a defective view of Christ (denying His real and true humanity and not accepting His full deity). Paul appears also to dispute the "Jewish" emphasis on circumcision and traditions. The heresy addressed appears to be either a Jewish-Gnosticism or a mix between Jewish asceticism and Greek (Stoic?) philosophy. He does a remarkable job in pointing us to the sufficiency of Christ.

This book contains doctrinal instruction about the deity of Christ and false philosophies, as well as practical exhortations regarding Christian conduct, including friends and speech.

Note: The text above is just a book overview and is not part of the Bible.
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